Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Wow ladies. What a great start to the alter ego challenge! I would like to highlight a few cool things from this challenge:

  • One of you is applying for a new job. (GOOD LUCK!)
  • One of you remembered a special woman and shared with the rest of us.
  • One of you is from the same state and me and Barb!
  • One of you is learning to take some time for yourself. Good for you!

Many of you in your questionairre said that you didn't think you mentored anyone. To end the Girl Power week, I want to share something with you. I have been blessed to have strong women (in my career, in my family, in my faith, in my hobbies) who took an interest in me and helped me learn how to be the kind of woman that I wanted to be. Mentoring doesn't have to be something big, scary and official. It can be small, someone to take you to coffee and say -- this is the image you are presenting to the world - is that what you mean to do? Take time in the next few days to think if there is a younger woman that crosses your path that you can share a little bit of yourself to. Pay it forward ladies!

Now, for what you have all been waiting for.............

CONGRATULATIONS RANI!!!!! you are the winner of this weeks challenge. Can you please email us your address at

Tomorrow will start another theme. These themes get better and tougher as we go on - so bring your friends! I have really enjoyed learning about your lives and hope you continue to visit the other FS gals who are in this challenge.

xoxoxo Angie and Barb


Barb said...

Thanks everyone for playing along and congrats to Rani.

Stay tuned for Monday. . .

As The World Scraps said...

congrats to you Rani! Have a great week everyone :)

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations Rani!!!! Can't wait until tomorrow's new theme!!!

Jennifer said...

Fancy Simple people: I miss the old layout of your site--the mellow colors and the fabulous quotes. I'm glad you're getting people thinking either way, but as for me, I wish you wouldn't try so hard.

scrapyogaguru-rani said...

This is too coolr-you just made my week! Thanks so much-Looking forward to the new themes and becoming inspired by you all every week!!!!! This is an amazing community!!!!

Jennifer said...

Congrats Rani!!!

shelley said...

Congrats Rani!

thanks Barb and Ang for hgihlighting me - it's pretty cool you noticed i AM learning to take time for myself - it ain't easy - but maybe this week - i can begin making a habit out of it!

can't wait to go on with this week!!!