Saturday, October 20, 2007

the Power of Girl Power

We've celebrated girl power all week through quotes, questions, pop culture, and photos.

Today is your chance to take action on the topic.

I challenge you to do something for another woman sometime soon.
Donate winter coats or board games or books to a women's shelter.
Send flowers to your friend who just had a baby!
Help your widowed neighbor carry in her groceries.

Do something kind for another woman.

Tomorrow a winner!
Monday a new topic. . .


As The World Scraps said...

just cleaned out my pantry & collections of soups for a mom in need :)

scrapyogaguru-rani said...

very cool! I have tons of clothes to donate!!! Gonna make a day of it on Sunday!

Liz said...

Flowers for mom, check.

shelley said...

i actually dropped a BIG bag o bebe clothes off to the rescue mission on Saturday! I was telepathically knowing what y'all were thinking!