Monday, October 22, 2007

Alter Ego -- Week Two -- The Theme

Good morning ladies! I hope you are returning from your weekends refreshed and rejuvinated. Funny how a few days can make a big difference huh? I was lucky to spend the weekend with some of my girls (shopping, eating, maybe even a few drinks) but now it is back to real life.

Real life is made up of the routines we create. The things we have to do (or choose to do every day). Rhonna Farrer is one of my favorite ladies. She often runs 21 day challenges - encouraging people to start a new habit. A new routine.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. -- Jim Rohn.

This weeks theme is HABITS. What are the little routines, must do's, and details that make up your day? Your life? Your inspiration?

This project started out as a way for Barb and I to get motivated. To not be so complacent with our every day and to THINK ABOUT THINGS. Along the way, we have learned some things about each other, you fun people, and our relationship.

We would like to you think about your habits this week. Are there habits that you must have? Are there habits you would like to break? Are there habits that you hope to create?

To get you started on this theme - can you make a timeline of your day? What is your normal routine? How do you get from Monday to Tuesday?

One entry for posting a comment. Two entries for posting on your blog. Three entries for getting a friend to play (just make sure they indicate who inspired them to participate).

Most of all.... Have fun!


BR@NDY said...

Great theme ladies!

Jennifer said...

This theme sounds very interesting! I posted a time line on my blog. :)

Regina said...

Wow, I made it with you ladies to week 2! I am proud of me for sticking it out.
I'm ready and feel another interesting week coming on!
Awesome Theme!

The Backporch Artessa said...

Dawn Rice at Artist Reborne inspires me- and I'm here because of it!

Levi said...

I need to play catch up but can't really read what I need to do until tomorrow... gotta go celebrate a bday. bbl prob later in the wk

Elizabeth said...

Hey I've got an unrelated question for ya. How do you link a link that has the person's name in it and not the link itself? I can link a site or place, but don't know how to place the title in there instead of the long link. Thanks in advance!

Barb said...

In light a few recent comments in the Fancy Simple comments, I'm so glad we're talking about habits and routines this week.

I think of a habit as something we do without putting real, true thought into it.

Turns out our little project has become a bit of a habit for some readers. They visit the blog and expect to see the same colors and the same types of quotes every day.

We never intended for Fancy Simple to be a place people came to feel comfortable. Welcome, yes. Comfortable, no. We wanted it to be a place that was honest and challenging and rewarding.

One of the main reasons that we decided to switch things up for a few weeks is that it was getting to be a routine for Ang and me instead of what it was meant to be - a place for us to search for meaning and inspiration that is relevant to what is happening in our lives at any given moment.

Another reason for the change is that we wanted to get people talking. Whether people realize it or not it sometimes turns out to be a big hassle and inconvenience to be sure to post on a blog every single day regardless of what kinds of shitty things are happening in your life. It just isn't the kind of thing that intrinsic motivation is enough for. We were needing some reinforcement from the readers we knew were out there.

So. If you are offended by our new color scheme or the change in format go away for awhile. We'll be back to "normal" in three weeks or so.

For those of you who are sticking with us and commenting and supporting each other. . . THANK YOU! I love that you are willing to take a risk with us.

scrapyogaguru-rani said...

nice theme! off to dialogue my routine on my blog!

tonya said...

Sounds like fun. Brandy told me about this site ;)

Elizabeth said...

Here's mine:

Pam said...

great theme. good to think about.

Pam said...

I've posted as much of a daily rountine as I have on my blog

shelley said...

oh my GOSH! my habitshave SO spun out of control since i became a mom and a full time WAHM... check out my blog for a glimpse!

As The World Scraps said...

lol, can I make a captains log? HAHAHA - these cause stress and from what I hear can be a big health risk. I am not sure I should put myself up to that risk. lol ..... Errrr... I think this means, I need help!

Liz said...

Okay I am catching up. i posted about my bad habits on my blog