Sunday, December 9, 2007

Full Weekends

Are you living for the weekend? Do you jam yours full and then on Sunday evening wonder where the time has gone? I know the feeling! Yesterday I worked in the morning, then spent three hours in the car, visited Mike's grandma in the hospital and then drove home three hours in the car. I am tired!

This morning? I am trying to convince myself that everything I 'have' to do today can wait, well, except laundry (a girl has to have some clean undies, tired or not!). So in honor of my relaxing Sunday -

Calgon, take me away!


Beth said...

I hear you! Now I must go take my nap. Enjoy your Sunday!

Pam said...

I hear ya! I work all week and just try to get to the weekend, then run around all weekend just to do it all over again on Monday morning....must-stop-the-cycle!

Barb said...

Hmmmm. Just keep thinking. Only a few more days and you'll have bunches of days "off."