Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Birthday

Happy Birthday, Brad!
Enjoy your 29th year.

“Birthdays are occasions for looking forward to the making of plans, for dreaming dreams, and hoping they will come true.”

How does this compare to your attitude about birthdays?


Laurie said...

I love birthdays. I see them a celebration of another year of life full of the joys and blessings of God's goodness. I heard a cute saying - "Birthday's are good for you, the more you have the longer you live!" Be blessed! This March I will have been gifted 53 years!

Pam said...

My next birthday is my 30th so I am running and screaming trying to get away from it. But, usually I love birthdays and love that it is a day about about me (or whoever has the birthday). I think everyone should feel wonderful and amazing on their special day.

em said...

Happy Birthday Brad!!! I love that quote. :)

Lyn said...

i just did a 2-pg layout featuring pics of my 30th birthday for a DT assignment yesterday... i have never scrapped my birthday before! it was challenging yet the journaling was meaningful and i love the pics of me blowing out the candles! too fun!

angieoh! said...

Happy Birthday Brad!!!!