Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pop Connected in Faith

Well - how is everyone doing? Hard to write about faith, I think without sounding dismissive or simple. When to me, faith is anything but simple.

We have lots of examples of faith in pop culture. Here are a few to get your wheels in motion.

Movies: Too many to count, but since I have to! Sister Act. Music, redemption, and nuns. What more could you ask for? Someone who doesn't expect it, finds faith and friendship.

TV shows: ok this is not a show, but it was news coverage. When Pope John Paul II died, I was riveted by the coverage, the choosing of the next Pope, the hisory of how/why Popes are selected that way. I was glued to the tv.

Music: Handel's Messiah is the most gorgeous compilation of music ever. Period.

What about you?

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Pam said...

Movie: Miracle on 34th Street-my annual favorite

TV show: not really a show either, but coverage of the Billy Graham Crusades at any time. This man is such a pillar of faith in God and has given his life that others might share that faith.

Music: Handel's Messiah. I have sung in a community chorus that presents this at Christmas time. There is no greater thrill than singing the Hallelulah Chorus as the whole audience stands. Goosebumps.

Liz said...

Movie: Dogma, you know I have to love a movie that pokes fun at the church.

TV show: I am going to go with Heroes. While it is not obviously religious, there are a lot of themes about gifts and how they come to you and how you should use them.

Music: Anything from Midnight Mass. It is the only time my entire nuclear family attends church together, non-Catholic included. O Holy Night, adn We Three Kings are probably our two favorites.

Jennifer said...

Movie: Stigmata - scary movie but some interesting aspects related to faith in it. Although I will say that Liz stole my first choice - Dogma. :)

TV show: Joan of Arcadia

Music: Amazing Grace - This song still give me goosebumps every time I hear it.

Sean said...

movie: field of dreams reminds me of religion more than anything. It seems to be a movie rich with its own doctrines and beliefs of what this life is for.

TV Shows: Big Love - and I think Warren Jeffs has blessed the popularity of that show sooo much.

Music: There are a ton of country songs out there with a focus on God. Spend any day listening to a country station and you will hear a ton of references back to God, and I think country music does that more than any other genre I listen to.