Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday is a Day of Preperations

Good Monday to you! If you are like me, today you are at work thinking about your menu (or someone elses menu) for Thanksgiving. I know the rest of this week will be focused on gratitude, giving thanks and all that - but today? Lets talk turkey!!

What is on your menu for Thanksgiving? Care to share?

Ours (which will be shared with Fancy Simple gal Barb and her husband Brad, Yay!)

Turkey - fresh from Maplewood Meats - brined and cooked low and slow.
Yummy Mashed potatoes and Turkey Gravy
Angie's Aunt Judy's famous cranberry relish... yum.
Rutabaggas - mashed
Monkey Bread by Barb
Veggie by Barb
Pumpkin Pie by Barb

To hold us over until the feast (and after the Packer game - go Brett!) we will be having Italian Meatballs (recipe courtesy of Barb's mom, Sue - in fact, one of my favorite photos from Barbs wedding is of us eating said meatballs.

To see our last Fancy Simple thanksgiving - check it out here


Greta said...

brett!..blech! yuck...gag!! sheesh woman..why did you do that to me on this monday?!? grrrr!!!! LMAO

i am going to new orleans for thanksgiving and all i know that is on the menu is turkey and ham...

Beth said...

turkey, potato filling, mashed potatoes with carmelized onions and mustard, asparagus, cranberry relish, bread from Wegman's...And if I get brave I may make Paula Deen's apple butter pumpkin pie. I can't wait.

Regina said...

It all sounds so good...
My menu (which appears to be evolving daily) so far consist of:
Turkey - brined of course
mashed sweet potatoes
macaroni & cheese
crock pot sweet meatballs
fresh string beans with white potatoes & pearl onions
home made sweet rolls...
so far that is where we are, I am sure my mother or sister will call me with an addition or revision!

Katrina said...

Definitely on the same wavelength menu is posted on my blog!

Colleen said...

we are having turkey (fully cooked from publix and i just heat through), stuffing, broccoli, rutabega, sweet potato, cranberry sauce, cran-orange relish, crescent rolls, gravy, sweet potato pie, and pecan pie.

and pepcid