Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mail Call

Happy Tuesday.

Every morning, I simultaneously eat breakfast, play on the Internet, and browse any catalogs that might have arrived in the mail the day before.

Today I am enjoying the Crate and Barrel holiday catalog. There are some amazing table displays and a ton of yummy food. Other favorites include Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma. Last week I got an American Girl catalog. I haven't looked at one of those in ages!

What are some of your favorite catalogs?

"I get mail; therefore I am."
Scott Adams


Greta said...

LL Bean i like to look through and wish it got cold enough for that stuff...

i LOVE the sharper image catalog...i am a gadget girl

and pottrey barn...other than those i chunck the rest

angieoh! said...

I love catalogues. I even love the weird ones that I never order from. :) My favorite? LL Bean. Greta - if you come to WI it is definately cold enough for that gear!

Beth said...

I love Red Envelope - so many different types of things.