Thursday, November 1, 2007

Developed Connections

connections - this has been a deep topic for me. I feel like every time I start to write something, it hits too close to home, too personal for me to share with the world. Has anyone else felt this way? I thought this would be the easiest of the topics for me to write about, photo about etc, instead, this morning I was dreading what to post and say.

Today is photo day for Connections week.

Post 5 photos that explore your connections (love, friends, family, work, hobbies - whatever trips your trigger).

Here are mine:

Fancy Simple Connection.

True Love Connection.

Taught me right from wrong connection.

Strong women in my life connection.

Connection that I am missing -

To raw to share.


E said...

Here's my photo entry.

And {{{{{{Angie}}}}}}}

Jennifer said...

I totally agree has been insightful and hard. Hugs for you.

I posted my pics on my blog.

scrapyogaguru-rani said...

great photos for connections-this certainly is a journey in it's own right!

shelley said...

Ang - I'm right there with you. I jumped ship this week. I hide that I am ok with my "connections" issues - when in fact - they tear me apart daily inside.

hugs to you girl....

i feel a blog post coming on...