Monday, September 10, 2007

You say its your birthday? Its My birthday too!

Since today is my 30th birthday. Name 30 things that you LOVE right now!


1. Mike.
2. the Green Bay Packers
3. true friends.
4. homeade soups.
5. japanese steakhouses
6. my red boots.
7. my new green purse (birthday gift!)
8. having a clean house (a rare but awesome occurence)
9. lots of birthday cards
10. pistachio ice cream
11. water parks
12. apples from the orchard
13. the movie Superbad
14. lip gloss
15. road trips
16. soda in a glass bottle
17. starbucks
18. sweatshirts and jammy pants on a Sunday
19. items delivered by mail
20. thank you notes
21. my Wisconsin Badgers
22. hot wings and beer
23. food network - especially giada
24. Martha Stewart craft supplies. LOVE IT!
25. lists
26. country olies (especially Waylon Jennings)
27. vacation!!!!! I have this whole week off.
28. bubble baths
29. real letters.
30. Fancy Simple.


em said...

Happy Birthday Angie!! :)

What a great list!!!

Funky Finds said...

happy birthday! :-D