Sunday, July 8, 2007

environmentally sound

We have met the enemy and he is us.
--Walt Kelly

Yesterday was Live Earth. Did you watch? Listen? I mean, really listen?

When I woke up this morning, I was still thinking about it. Especially about what the lead singer of Fall Out Boy said yesterday afternoon in the middle of their set. Fixing the environment is like exercise. You say you'll do it everyday. You make lists of things to do. Look at environmentally safe items. Even consider buying toilet paper made out of recycled paper. You go strong for a few days, maybe even a month, but then it fizzles out. It takes work. It takes initiative. Drive.

So, I started out big, or so I thought. We already recycle, but I decided to step it up. So, last month I changed out all of the lightbulbs in the house to compact florescent bulbs. Then I bought a book called It's Easy Being Green by Chrissy Trask.

Yeah, that's it. That's all I did.

I haven't touched the book since I bought it. In fact, it is sitting in a very ironic and convenient place right next to the 5lb weights I bought a while ago that are just collecting dust underneath the coffee table.

Today, after I post this and have a cup of coffee, I'm going to try again...and I'm going to start by reading that book. If possible, I'm going to try and accomplish everything it suggests. Most importantly, I'm going to try sticking with it.

What are you guys doing?

Ok, so I know I'm the new girl, and I'm getting all heavy on my first day. Sorry about that, but sometimes things just hit you. Ya know? Anywhoo...Angie and Barb are doing some traveling, and I'm going to be hanging out with you guys for the week. My name is Colleen, and my blog is linked over there on the left. I'm really looking forward to spending the week with you, and I hope you are too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


em said...

Yay for Colleen! :)

Anonymous said...

We heard Jane Goodall speak on Friday morning. I think she was headed for the Live Earth conference/concert. She asked the hardest questions I've heard yet. Here's a favorite: "Why do we buy new clothes when all we need is in our closet?" So right, and so hard to remember! I, too, am going to try harder.

Liz said...

What an apt analogy! I am glad that Live Earth got so much coverage, hopefully it will spur companies to help make "green" less work.

Katrina said...

Hi Colleen!

I watched a bit of Live Earth. Logged on, and measured my carbon output score. Definitely have some room for improvement. Fortunately, I live in a very green lots of community-supported opportunity.

One proud mom moment after Live Earth. My son empty the rest of the oj into a glass, and said "hey Mom, is this recyclable?" I said "does it have the chasing arrows symbol?" He looked and said "yep! cool."

Cool, indeed.

Barb said...

Hi, Colleen! So glad you're here.

I'm with everyone else--plenty of room for Earth-friendly improvement. I'm horrible about leaving lights on and have been known to run the air conditioning when I should really just open the windows.