Saturday, June 2, 2007

We need a variety of input and influence and voices. You cannot get all the answers to life and business from one person or from one source.

-Jim Rohn

As much as we sometimes like to think so, Angie and I cannot offer all the answers! So, for the next week we leave you, dear readers, in the hands of the fantastically inspiring, witty, and creative, Katrina.

That's it! That's our big surprise! Angie and I both plan on living it up this summer (between tons of work commitments) , and we've arranged one week of "vacation" each month this summer when we'll leave you with fresh inspiration from some of our favorite people who've agreed to guest blog here at Fancy Word for Simple.

So, this week our little project will be hosted by Katrina.

Seriously. You will love this girl! Not only is she kind and funny and a do-it-all kind of girl (totally rockin' career gal and mom), but she's also a Memory Makers Master (aka creative genius), AND she's awesome with a camera and great with words. As if that's not enough--she's a Grey's fan!

Thank you, Katrina, for agreeing to inspire us.

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em said...

Yay for Katrina!! :)