Tuesday, April 10, 2007

4/10/2007 - Your Signature Shade - Trendy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday ladies! How are things? Barb is on vacation - she is lucky because today it is snowy and cold although the sun has peeked out a little bit already. Hope you are having fun Barb!

Today is Trendy Tuesday, which just happens to be my favorite day of the week around here at Fancy Simple. Unfortunately, last week, we did not get enough entries for the "big date rak" but I will be sending out a fun little rak to Maggie. Very cute. My favorite line - I have only been on two first dates and I married them both. Classic. Maggie, email your address to fancysimple@gmail.com and shortly thereafter you will get a surprise in the mail.

Ok, on to today's challenge. This is a fun one, and I know my friend Greta will be all over this. This week, tell me about your signature shade of lipstick, lipgloss and for those of you who are not make up types, chapstick. To the selected winner - I will send a mac lipgloss. If you post a photo with you wearing the shade, you get two entries. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Hey Fancy Simple gals! I know--I'm on vacation, and I am totally loving the fabbity quotes Ms. Angela is choosing to inspire. Needed to take a brief break from the sunshine and touristy things to share this pic of me rockin' out the Aveda Rubisparks lip glaze (and to give my already blistered feet a little break). Mmmwwwwah! Barb


Scott Peterson said...

My favorite new product is Blistex Lip Infusion Moisture Splash™. It's a liquid that goes on with a metal roller. It tastes a little sweet, and it quickly penetrates the lips. It lasts a long time too, as mine is still working since I bought it last summer. It also survives the summer heat unlike solid sticks which melt & ooze out.

Try it - the subtitle Sheer Liquid Balm isn't just a gimmick, it really works and feels good!


Barb said...

Scott--you're cracking me up!

I think my all-time favorite is Clinique Air Kiss. Haven't bought any for quite awhile. . .

Funky Finds said...

I am all over (or rather it's "all over" me!) Mary Kay's Beach Bronze lip gloss. Not too dark. Slightly shimmery. Perfect for a blah day!

Greta said...

oh angie....oh angie my dear.....how i love you for this trendy tuesday!!!

well i have several favorites....by MAC of course BUT...the one i wear the most is the Viva Glam V...very neutral for everyday wear...my second favorite is pink poodle lipglass....very barbie pink and in your face....looks fabulous with black...by the way i fell of my MAC spending freeze wagon and kinked my head hard....i can't do that anymore...that is one thing that is off limits for a spending freeze cause then i go bizerk!! eek!!

B said...

Love Palmer's Cocoa Butter stick for lips. Makes me think I'm at the beach and it really works!

Latharia said...

I'm a chapstick girl. Just plain ol' chapstick. No scent. Ultra moisturizing. Here's me, wearing it:


shelley said...

i am a clinque girl... some sort of lip repair gloss in rasberry.. comes in a little tubey thing-a-ma-jig... this is my post-single-new-momma-days, when lip liner no longer matters. pre-momma days.. since i was a theatre diva.. i fell in LOVE with some stage makeup lines.. Joe Blasco was my FAv.. this was befor ethe days of MAC... and i used Nude lip liner and a sheer gloss mixed together for an oh so yumma yumma look... and some how.. i got blessed with some FULL lips.. so full.. a client of mine in Dallas asked me once... "so, i have to ask, and i'm sorry to be so bold... but where did you have your lips done?" hahahaha.. i said "honey.. the man upstairs does some amazing work!!!" she was baffled..... stupid girl!'

oh, and what scott said..the blistex metal roller ball thingy.. not only does it not melt.. the stuff don't freeze either! that's my no make up, out the door, slather on my lips all day long at home staple.. it's DRY in the nor-easter!