Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday = Pay Day

It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.

-Tom Brokaw

I'm a teacher. One of my least favorite things about being a teacher is when other teachers complain about their pay checks. Seriously. We knew the pay wasn't there when we chose to teach. But, oddly enough, I'm also very annoyed by the cheerleader-esque attitude about the difference that teachers make.

Truthfully? I believe anyone can make a difference in the way they choose to do their job or live their life.


angieoh! said...

This is a super fab quote - and I totally agree. I think people don't realize the difference they can make by the little things in their every day life.

Barb - you are the wind beneath my wings.

Ginny said...

Great quote! I just read another one that was put in an article regarding recycling, that was something along the lines of leaving the earth just a little better then when you came. I think this is along the same lines. It's the little things that you do!

Latharia said...

Awesome quote!!!!

Rebecca said...

Love this quote Barb. So, so true!

B said...
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B said...

'm a teacher, too and while I knew the pay I would get when I started it is frustrating to see schools in my area that do the same work teachers at my school do, too but get paid a significantly bigger salary.

And I'm in a mood today so I'm agreeing with you on the whole sing-songy teachers make a difference thing today. I might feel differently next week! :)

Latharia said...

WAHHH!! Where did Angie go????