Thursday, March 8, 2007

3/8/07 -

"In a world where you can be anything, be yourself" -- Unknown.

Been thinking about this a lot lately as I am interacting with old and new friends. Have you ever had a friend who seemed to truly change? Like you don't know her anymore? I am blessed to have some "old friends" who have been in my life for ages, but I struggle with how to feel/react/go forward when it appears that either I or that person has changed. Anyone else experience this?


Di Hickman said...

I've experienced this. Discovered we both changed.

Latharia said...

Sometimes the other person's changed ... sometimes it's ME that's changed! When this happens, it almost always sparks a reaction - sometimes positive, sometimes not!

Greta said...

yes..i have....i had a friend who came from nothing, had nothing and no one wanted to even be around her..but me being the outgoing talk to anyone type of person i was i anyway...all my other freinds thought i was nuts and snubbed her but i didn't...well as the years go by we graduate go our seperate ways and i see her and she acts as if she is better than everyone else blah blha blha....well long story short apparently she made a little something of herself and didn't do like her parents but she also forgot where she came from and can i tell you that just irks me to no end....especially since she wasn't like at ALL by know how kids can be...CRUEL!!!!