Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

So I think sometimes we get stuck doing the same old same old. So today, lets mix it up. Tell us a little about the things you have going on. Name ten things that are simple pleasures in your life...

Here are mine.

10. pajama pants
9. good lipgloss
8. text messages (ok, maybe not simple, but I love getting texts!)
7. Neftlix (any suggestions for my queue? It is getting low)
6. telephone chats with Barb
5. Renee and Jeremy - baby lullabyes
4. homemade chicken dumpling soup
3. cookbooks
2. getting a haircut
1. snuggling with my boys.

Come on! Play along. Sometimes recognizing the not so glamorous (but still nice) things in our life can be the little pick me up we need. Have a great day!


Lyn said...

10. dinners alone when J's at work :(
9. catching up on this season of Real Housewives
8. sitting at the scrap table with the new TV in front of me
7. getting excited to travel this wknd for a conference
6. checking things off of my work "to do" list
5. enjoyed dessert of pumpkin creamcheese cake and pumpkin spice coffee ... yummm
4. ran 2 miles and did strength training after work... yayyyy
3. can't stop thinking about our trip to the Caymans... countdown 60 days!
2. came up to my scraproom 30 minutes ago and so far have created nothing- only watched TV and surfed online
1. Loving life! Very thankful for my blessings!

headfones said...

I'm a couple days behind. In random order...

10. Coffee
9. Real Coke
8. My kids crawling into bed with me Saturday mornings and going back to sleep.
7. emails
6. a clean kitchen
5. coming in from errands and remembering that supper is in the Crockpot.
4. having what I need and wanting what I have.
3. time with girls
2. a "new' book from the library
1. lazy Sunday afternoons when we are home with nowhere to go.

Liz Allman said...

How about ten things Thursday?

10) Coffee in the afternoon
9) Long showers
8) Magazines in the mail
7) Diet Coke from the fountain
6) I am seconding crockpot dinners
5) Law and Order
4) My babysitter-love her
3) Camping out in fromnt of the space heater
2) My new iPod radio
1) Getting the middle treadmill at the gym because I can see the pond through the middle window