Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Chapter; 2009

Since we last posted on Fancy Word for Simple life has gone on (duh).

There have been changes big and small and lots of new details in our life (and yours!) that we have tried to reflect on. We want to bring you up to speed and share what we are looking at for 2009.


I am happy to announce that Mike and I welcomed our baby to the world on June 25, 2008. What a change in life! If you think the small details mattered to me before, you should see the happy dance about getting a six month old to successfully navigate green beans! Our little family is doing great and looking forward to an exciting 2009, Luke was definitely worth the wait! That has pretty much filled up my existence this past year!


I had a quiet little 2008 filled with friends, creating, some traveling, and plenty of work and school. Highlights include: seeing Hayward's infamous "Big Fish," rocking out live in concert to New Kids on the Block, being 15 credits closer to finishing school (again!), cheering on the growing families of friends (welcome Luke, Spud, and Monkey), celebrating a fourth year of marriage, and saying goodbye to an extra 20 pounds.

Programming notes

Since we left Fancy Simple behind, we have heard from people that they enjoyed the project. Surprisingly, we even found out that some long lost friends from growing up had stumbled upon us. Welcome back!

When we started this project, the objective was to notice details, provide a little inspriation, and once in awhile, a few laughs. Now that we have a year behind our belt, and a little time off, we would like to continue that mission and encourage you to do the same. Share the little details of your life, minutae can be fun (!), share what is going on here at Fancy Simple with your friends and nudge them along this path of noticing as well. We love to know who is out there in our little group so we have a few functions to encourage you to play along - on the right hand side by, you will note the Blog Followers, be sure to join! We also are in the process of setting up a Facebook Group. In both these instances, we would like it if you have things you want to talk about that you LET US KNOW!

Happy 2009!

Day One, 2009
Few people even scratch the surface, much less exhaust the contemplation of their own experience.

Randolph Bourne


Felicia said...

Yeah! I'm glad you gals are back at it. I love reading.

Beth said...

They're back! Happy new year to you, both!

Lyn said...

Happy you're back! I've got you bookmarked and am ready to be inspired!

em said...

:) Add me to the list of people who are glad you're back!

headfones said...

I am so glad you're back!

Sean said...

This just makes my day.

Scott said...

Welcome back! I still had you subscribed in my news reader, and like magic you suddenly showed up in my New Year's news.