Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Look Around You -- January 13

This week it is brutally cold here. It is dark and in general, I think people are suffering from post holiday let down. I know that I have been pretty grumpy, negative and in general...cold. But on Sunday we went to the hospital to visit a 3 day old baby. That baby is sweet, tiny, and going to bring joy and adventure to our friends in big and small ways.

So today, instead of a quote, instead of me griping about the million little things that bug me, I am going to share five little things that make me happy. I hope you will share yours too.

Angie's List for 1/13/2009

1). my argyle tights
2). funny text messages
3). fountain diet coke
4). sending real cards in the mail (and receiving them!)
5). reading to my Little Man

Ok - fess up. What non major things make you a little happier?


Beth said...

2 hour delays, being able to take a nap or spend time reading for fun, cooking.

Liz Allman said...

Reading in bed, the Beastie Boys, long showers and chocolate chip cookes.