Monday, January 5, 2009

Argh. Monday.

I have been on an extended vacation over the holidays. Today is my first day back in almost 2 weeks. Yikes. Needless to say, I have had a rough morning with things not going quite right. As such, I wanted to give you all some ammunition for the battles you may be fighting.

You gotta laugh...sometimes it is the only weapon you have got.
Roger Rabbit

So if something is making you laugh this morning, please share - we could probably all use it! For me? Baby snores. Too funny.


headfones said...

The funniest thing in our house right now is me trying to learn Dance Dance Revolution. At 6 in the morning, no less, against my 7 year old daughter.


Look at me, not lurking.

Liz Allman said...

Olivia saying at the end of the day,"Babies are a lot of work." No shit kid.