Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Traditions

Sunday was always a day steeped in tradition when I was a kid.

My grandparents (now just my grandfather) live on a lake. On Sundays, the family (my four aunts and uncles and their spouses and children along with my parents and brothers and sisters) would head to The Lake to eat hot ham sandwiches or go for a boat ride or watch football or just be together. The kids would hang out in the basement and play with the same toys that are still stashed in the cupboard while the adults played cards or drank beer or just shot the breeze (the women were usually separate from the men).

Really, it's been almost 20 years (I can't believe I just said that!) since we've had these kinds of Sundays (people move and families change). But, I can still see and feel these kinds of Sundays.

I apologize for the lengthy trip down memory lane. Sunday tradition is just something that is sticking in my mind early on this Sunday morning.

What are your Sunday traditions - past and present?

"What an enormous magnifier is tradition! How a thing grows in the human memory and in the human imagination, when love, worship, and all that lies in the human heart, is there to encourage it."
-----Thomas Carlyle


Dana said...

Hmm, I don't really remember having a tradition when I was younger but now after church we all take a nap. I LOVE that after working so hard before/after church.

Regina said...

Our Sunday tradition is and has been far as I could remeber a big family dinner and movies. A day of relaxation, rest, and togetherness!

Elizabeth said...

I know we almost always got together on Sundays at my gram's as well. I loved being near family.

Now we go to church and then just hang which I love!