Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am married toa 12 year old.

I thought about posting a quote this morning. But then I received an email yesterday afternoon that just begged to be shared with the world. Better than a quote.

Dear Ang,
I just got off the phone with Santa. He said he thinks
I should get a Wii or a PS3 for Christmas. I think he
may have been drinking too much eggnog.
love, Mike.
Now this would be precious if it was from a kid. But no, it is from my adult husband. Any funny asking for gift stories you would like to share???


Beth said...

That's terrific!! So, is Santa going to deliver? :)

Pam said...

Funny stuff! Maybe if mine asked for things he wants that way, I might be amused enough to actually do it!

Were you??

Greta said...

CLASSIC!! I love it!!

okay so is he getting either of those on his wish list...spill it!!

angieoh! said...

Jeesh, you girls are such softies!

shelley said...

my 12 year old husband asked for the same dang thing. i told him in his dreams, to date - i have purchased remote control blimp, playstations 1 AND 2, xbox, complete top of the line paint ball gear, more remote control must haves - to many to list, two different types of guitars - ALL OF WHICH HAVE BEEN SOLD TO SOMEONE ELSE'S 12 YEAR OLD HUSBAND ON EBAY! THIS YEAR HE GETS NOTHING!!!!

*Paula* said...

what a riot! I love it!

Dana said...

He he! That could have been a letter from ME to you ;-) Aahh, a Wii...I wish, I wish, I wish!