Sunday, December 30, 2007


When I was a 10, my family moved about a four-hour car ride away from everyone and everything that was familiar to me. We went back to visit family and friends often, but it was still inevitable that each time I loaded back into the family station wagon (wood panels and all) I would cry a big, ugly, sobbing cry that lasted for at least the first hour of the trip.

I'm terrible at saying good-bye.

That's what is on my mind today as we approach the last days of Fancy Word for Simple.

Thank you for going on this strange little adventure with Angie and me; I've enjoyed it tremendously. I'm proud that I made a resolution and followed through on it. I love that I've met so many people with such interesting stories to tell. As difficult as it was some days, I think finding a quote to think about for the day really helped give me purpose some days.

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."
-----Dr. Seuss


Beth said...

What??? This was only a year - long project? Oh, my...I'm not good with goodbyes either.

angieoh! said...

Great quote Barb. I think you are right - I am so happy we stuck with this for a year, but kinda glad that the time to say good bye has arrived. Happy Sunday!

Pam said...

I didn't realize this was only a year....I'm sad it won't be going on longer!

I hate goodbyes myself. I also loved the Dr. Seuss quote!

em said...

This is a great quote! i am going to be sad not seeing the daily quote!

Regina said...

Wow, I stumbled across your blog just recently (Oct/Nov) and had no idea that it was a one year thing...
Now I am sad. Yours was one of the few blogs that actually challanged people to think harder and be better.
Well, Blessings to you and your in all that you do!
I love that Dr. Seuss quote!


Katrina said...

that is a great quote! and this has been a great project. kudos to you two for sticking with it!

Dana said...

oh man, I'm sad it is ending. I didn't realize that you were doing it for a specific amount of time. Thank you for all the great quotes and the challenges! This one by Dr. Seuss is great!!!

Elizabeth said...

Cool beans sticking to your guns and completing this blog challenge for yourself and so many others! I really appreciate all that you did!!!