Thursday, December 27, 2007

12-27-2007 -- Top Tens

Wow. The days are flying by at the end of the year! Since this project is about to come to an end, it is time for a little reflection. I am magazine junkie and love the Top Ten of 2007 type lists that always come about in December.

So share with us... what were the top ten things that happened to you in 2007.

I will be back to post mine later!


Elizabeth said...

My top 10:

1. Mom was diagnosed with brain cancer and came to live with us.
2. Dayv deployed 2 times this year for a total of 7 months out of the entire year..
3. I made CX's design team by total and complete surprise.
4. I was pubbed 3 times in one year {it's my first time}
5. Alyssa had her hair cut off, and is going through hormonal changes already.
6. I finally listened to God's calling and started that bible study in my home for women.
7. I lost 35 pounds.
8. I rekindled an old friendship.
9. I made it through driving in the snow for my first winter here.
10. We changed churches and love it!

Laurie said...

1. Changed churches - a very positive move for my husband and I.
2. Daughter Amy moved back home for 15 months while her husband Kelly is deployed, (again) to Iraq.
3. Participated in the birth of my youngest granddaughter, Macy Elizabeth in June.
4. We built a wonderful screen house and deck on the back of our house.
5. My blog
6. Husband finished my art studio
7. Started and finished TWO art quilts.
8. Memorial concertina journal made in memory of my beloved Great Grandma
9. Lost a few more pounds for a total of 23 pounds since 2006. (ten more to go in 2008!)
10. A1C test = 5.9 without meds!

Sean said...

I posted mine on my blog: