Monday, November 5, 2007

You gotta have faith faith faith (cue George Michael Guitar Solo)

Ahhhh. Hard to believe that this is already the final week of the Alter Ego experience! I have to say - this has inspired me and invigorated me! I feel so blessed to have been connected with all of you - thanks for playing along.

Now on to this week's theme: by my not so subtle title (and homage to a 90's pop star) you may have guessed it.


Barb and I have kind of shied away from this topic all year. Not really in an intentional way, but in a - "we respect people and their beliefs. we don't want to preach at them".

We recognize that we come from different faiths. Some may not believe in religous faith and find their faith and sustenance elsewhere. But for so many, faith is a cornerstone in their life. How could we ignore it? Not talk about it? So here goes it. This week is about faith. Be willing to share. Be willing to respect others perspective. Take the time to think about faiths role in your heart, life and relationships.

Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.-- Martin Luther King Jr.

For me, faith has been a big piece of my life. I attended the same church my whole life until I "grew up" and moved away. Mike and I were married there. But faith isn't a building. I have known times in my life where I have sat in mass and the tears fell, only because I knew it was a safe place to be myself, to let go and turn my worries and fears over to someone else. A protector. To me, that is a massive, powerful feeling.

Share your quote regarding faith. I look forward to reading what yall have to say about this topic.



Cecily R said...

There's a song that the children in our church sing a lot about faith.

"Faith is knowing the sun will rise brightening each new day.

Faith is knowing the Lord will hear my prayers each time I pray.

Faith is like a little seed,
If planted it will grow.

Faith is the swelling within my heart--
When I do right I know."

I think the simplicity makes it my favorite Faith quote.

Jennifer said...

This will be an interesting week!

My quote is posted on my blog!

Katrina said...

"Faith is a knowledge with the heart, beyond the reach of proof"

by Kahlil Gibran

Katrina said...

make that "within the heart"...

Liz said...

I blogged it today. Great topic, even for the libs.

Elizabeth said...

Here's mine:

Sean said...

My sister in law has asked me to say that mine is at:

Liz said...

Yeah Sean! It's not just for the ladies.

Sean said...

I'm only here because you told me to.