Sunday, November 11, 2007

Winning with Faith

Happy Sunday!

Thanks to all who participated this week. The winner for the faith week? Sean! Thanks for sharing your insights with us - We promise not to send lipgloss. Send your address to us via email at

Now the Alter Ego Challenge is over. Don't be sad! We will still be here - still thinking about things, still asking you to tell us what you think and why and what is going on in your life.

Today is Veterans Day. I wanted to write something big and important - every time I tried? It fell flat of what I wanted to convey.

Here is something simple.

Thank you for your courage.
Thank you for acting brave when you don't feel it.
Thank you for sacrificing time with your families.
Thank you families for sharing your soldier with all of us.
You are in my heart.
You are in my prayers.
God bless veterans, and God bless America.


Liz said...

Sean? Now that is just a slap in the face.

Sean said...

Really? That's awesome. I'd like to thank my sister in law for all of her help in getting this award. If it is shareable I promise to give her half of what ever I receive.

Thank you to everyone else for letting me join your honored ranks.

Jennifer said...

LOL! Congrats Sean!!

Latharia said...

Congratulations Sean!

And awesome, simple words sum it up quite nicely!

Liz said...

So now what? DO i actually have to go back to coming up with my own posts for my blog?

Sean said...

If you are wanting to thank a soldier today (because of Veteran's Day), but don't know any soldiers you can always go to the following website. They will help you.