Tuesday, October 9, 2007


You probably didn't know this, but Angie and I are queens of the road trip. Our favorite road trip activity happens to be brainstorming. It's usually brainstorming about ways that we can become independently wealthy, but sometimes it's productive brainstorming.

Fancy Simple was one of those productive brainstorms. . . I think. But, I will admit that 10 months into 2007, it is starting to feel more like a chore or a routine than something that is actually thought-provoking.

So, for the next few weeks we will be kicking it up a notch by taking a good hard look at our lives and the things we stand for. There will be some tough questions, but we promise to make it very worth your while.

Your task for today. . . take responsibility.

Who have you made the biggest impact on?
Who have you let down the most?

Just post their names in the comments or via email.
Nothing else necessary (unless you want to share more).


Pam said...

biggest impact: Sara
let down: Eric

Liz said...

Wow, tough one. In my life it's kind of all rolled into one, if you are going to impact you are inevitably going to let down n'est pas? My daughter obviously, but when you have been with your husband since you were teenagers I guess you would have to say that you have had an impact. Does it count when they have had as much of an impact on you?

amyyo said...

impact-Jen(not necessarily in a good way)
let down-myself

angieoh! said...

Love it. Impact - many different directions to take this one. I think I would say Mike. So much of my adult life is entertwined with his... we pushed each others destinies along. My second choice would be you, Barb. So many of our life choices have been made together and I feel like we have really made a difference in each others lives (sometimes made them a little easier, sometimes a little tougher!)

Let down? I would say that the person I most let down was a girl I truly loved as my friend, unfortunately, it was before I knew how to be a real friend. I really regret that.

Beth said...

impacted: some of my students
let down: myself

Josie_24 said...

Biggest impact: My clients
Let down: probably myself and or friends from hometown

trace-e said...

impact: exhusband
let down: myself