Thursday, October 4, 2007


"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she’s beautiful."-Sophia Loren
Okay, so that's easy to say when you are Sophia Loren. However, Fridays are always my worst fashion day. I have double the kids, double the spit up, fingerpaint, crusted food and all other manner of Mommy accoutrement than a normal day. So today I am going to make an effort, even if it is just aiming for a good hair day, to FEEL beautiful.
I chose this quote to end my week of guest blogging because I think it really embodies what Fancy Simple is all about. Feeling inspired, even if it is just faking it until you make it. Embracing what is unique about yourself and using that to fuel your creativity. Being a gross, crusty slob is what makes most of my friends think that I'm beautiful. Let's face it, a mom who loves her kid is always a beautiful thing.
So thanks to everyone, especially my loyal posters Barb and Angie, for a great week. I really enjoyed choosing quotes and having themes, so different than the usual off the cuff blogging. I am really excited to see what you have in store for next week!


Beth said...

Loved your quotes and commentary this week, Liz. It was fun!

angieoh! said...

I like the idea of "thinking beautiful". It really helps. Puts you in a mindset of lovliness.