Sunday, October 28, 2007

Creatures of Habit

Wow - what a week! Thank you so much for sharing yourselves and your time with us.
  • This reader is going through some serious, heavy stuff. She needs us, our prayers and a little support. HUGS from me and everyone at Fancy Simple.
  • This reader brought this reader (A BOY, Gasp!) to participate in our photo hunt.
  • This reader understands that change happens with one little step.
  • This reader did the questionairre but I was most impressed with the photos of chocolate...yum.

This weeks winner?

Congratulations Jennifer!!! Please email your address to

Stay tuned, tomorrow kicks off our new theme!


Jennifer said...

Ohh YIPPEE! I am SO excited! :)

Can't wait for the new theme too!

scrapyogaguru-rani said...

COngratualtions Jennifer!!!!!!:)

Barb said...

Okay. I'm so loving so many things about this project.

Elizabeth's latest post and the comments on it have really made me realize that our little project has turned into a way for people to support each other.

Thanks, everyone.

Liz said...

Dammittt! What does a girl have to do to get a prize. A boy, a real live boy! That's it, time to pull out the big guns. . .