Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday: Wise Words

When asked what her favorite work is, Talia Lavin, a contestant in the National Vocabulary Championship (aired Wednesday night on the Game Show Network), the follow exchange occured,

Talia: I go steady with the whole English language.
Host: You're not monogamous with words?
Talia: No. I use them and cast them aside.

This was such a witty response that I had to rewind and re-watch a few times, giggling a little more each time.

What's your relationship with words? What kinds of word games do you play? What is your favorite word? What word do you use most?

And--in case you were wondering--the whole sha-bang was won by a high school boy from Wisconsin. Hooray for the Badger State!


Scott Peterson said...

A word game I play daily is 'PlayFour!', a quick 4x4 crossword puzzle. If you're good it takes about 30 seconds.

Here's the address:

B said...

Love crosswords and the Jumble. And I just spent the last twenty minutes following the link to PlayFour! Fun!

Love that girl's answer!

snöget said...

hahahaha i love talia lavin so much! she seems like the funniest person EVER!