Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday: Traits

Being back to work and in school again means I'm doing lots and lots of professional reading. One thing I read this week that has haunted me since I read it is one author's idea that about half of the traits that make up our personality are inherited. We simply cannot, try as we might, change these inherited traits. She suggested the best case scenario is that we learn to recognize the inherited traits and note the strengths and weaknesses that come with them.

Which of your traits do you think are inherited? How have you learned to handle/use these traits to your advantage? Which traits are a result of your experiences?

"Not sure if he's being dramatic because the situation calls for it,
or if it just feels good to yell."
-----Brian Andres, Story People

(Being dramatic--extremes of yelling, crying, laughing--is one of my traits.)

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CoCo said...

I've done some personality tests at work recently and discovered a few traits which seemingly are part of my personality. I am a peacemaker who tries to avoid conflict - also makes me seem slow to act/make decisions. This is so true. I also throw myself into projects initially, but get bored if they are not finished in a day. Another interesting thing was that I like to be prepared and so don't pack lightly, don't like to throw things away in case I need them again. The point was proven when the lady giving the course asked if anyone had a pen and I had 6 in my handbag...just in case!