Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Night

Brad wants to flip between Brewers baseball and Monday night football.
I want to flip between The Hills and Dr. 90210.

Leave it to Lauren to perfectly capture my dilemma.

"The boys are planning on going to the dance for like half an hour then going straight to the after party and 'getin' some' and we're planning on. . . showing off our dresses."
-----Lauren Conrad


B said...

An LC quote? You're now my favorite blog ever!

Do what my parents used to do sometimes - sit in separate rooms and watch tv and meet up in the kitchen during commercials!

CoCo said...

That quote is v. funny and apt to a conversation my DH and I had last night....he asked what I was plotting now?! I told him I don't plot and plan....we both know I was lying!