Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday: Count your blessings

For today and its blessings, I owe the world an attitude of gratitude.

I am in a funk for many reasons today. It seems like a good idea to count my blessings.

I think plenty about the little details in life that keep me happy, but so many of them are truly trivial, materialistic things. Today, I want to actually count my blessings—the important things in life for which I am most thankful for, the things that make me feel safe and secure, the things for which I am most grateful.

I invite you to count along with me.

My Blessings:

  1. Education. I can’t seem to get enough of it. I love to learn. And I continue to find ways to use what I know to help others.
  2. Friendship with Family. My grandmother died almost three years ago. What came of my loss was a new-found friendship with my aunt. I am grateful that she answers my incessant phone calls and shares in my crazy hobbies.
  3. Brad. I am fortunate to have someone to support my crazy endeavors, listen to me babble, put up with my occasional temper-tantrum, or fetch me ice cream.
  4. Old Friends. It’s tough to be an adult. It means a lot to have people around who have gone through the whole journey—from pimples to boyfriends to weddings to babies—with me.
  5. New Friends. I love that I’ve met some incredible women over the past year that have really made me wonder who I called, e-mailed, or visited before I met them.
  6. Health. Health is wealth—use it or lose it. But, seriously. I am blessed to be healthy at this time in my life despite the horrible food I shovel into my body and the amount of time my butt is plastered on the couch.
  7. Comfort. We have what we need, and then some, to be comfortable and happy. There are plenty of things we WANT, but not really anything we NEED.


Colleen said...

good idea

Katrina said...

good idea. I was in a funk today, as well...kept trying to pull myself out of it, but then just decided to let myself feel it for one day. tomorrow will be better...