Thursday, August 9, 2007


"'This is one of my favorites,' Marisol said pointing.

'That was supposed to be a vase of flowers,' Ramon said, 'but it doesn't look like one.'

'Well, it looks vase-ISH!' she exclaimed. . . .

Ramon felt light and energized. Thinking ish-ly allowed his ideas to flow freely.

He began to draw what he felt--loose lines. Quickly springing out. Without worry."


I truly believe that there is not a problem in the world that a great picture book can't solve or at least make you think a little more deeply about.

The passage above is from Ish written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds (illustrator of Judy Moody books). Ramon absolutely loves to draw until his brother makes fun of Ramon's art. It takes his sister, Marisol's, support for Ramon to realize that it feels great to draw regardless of how the finished product looks.

is the second book in Reynolds's "creatilogy," three books all aimed at helping us (kids and adults) learn to love their creative selves. Also check out The Dot and So Few of Me.

Have you read a picture book lately?

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elisabeth said...

My daughter loves the Judy Moody books!! A picture book we love is The BAby WHo Wouldn't Go To BEd...LOVE it!!!