Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Guests in your Town

The past two weeks for my job, I have had an Australian guest working here, in my department. It has been great having a visitor and I have really enjoyed taking him to some of my favorite hot spots here in Green Bay.

Obviously we had to go to 1265 Lombardi to see these guys. I also took him here to taste Green Bay's finest homeade rootbeer. The owner, a friend of mine, really put out all the stops and we did a fruit soda tasting and had cheese curds as well as lots of other delicious fare. We also went to Bay Beach - probably the coolest small park in America.

If you were playing tour guide to your town - where would you tell me that I must go???

EDITED TO ADD: I asked my guest this morning what his preceptions about Green Bay were. What does it look like to an outsider. I have to admit, I was tickled by his response -

"It has an earthy, rocker vibe to it. Harley Davidson meets corn fields and Lake Michigan".

Earthy Rocker Vibe - man, I hope that is the vibe I present!!!!

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