Thursday, July 5, 2007

Food Alert!!!

In case I overdose, I want to make sure people are aware of my latest addiction.

Watermelon. In the last 14 days, I think Mike and I have polished off 7 watermelons. I am hooked.

When one has tasted watermelong he knows what the Angels eat. -- Mark Twain.

Do you ever get this way where you go on a food binge on one particular item??


B said...

Yes! Sometimes it's cereal, other times it's a candy. In the spring it's usually "new" fruit like strawberries or cherries.

Hope you didn't swallow any watermelon seeds - my babysitter used to tell me that it would grow a baby!

Tawnja said...

Yup, when I was nursing my son it was nectarines, and it turned my milk a pale orange colour!