Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Christmas in July

I'm not a huge fan of Christmas, but I do have to admit that I always look forward to making my Christmas list.

The problem, though, is that my birthday is in December. So, my Christmas list also doubles as my birthday list. The other times of the year that I want things (like July), I just have to buy them for myself.

So, today seems like a perfect day to make a Christmas list.

1. Amazing Grace lotion and shower gel from Philosophy
2. Ginger perfume from Origins
3. Le Creuset pan
4. Greys Anatomy Season 3 on DVD (I know. It's not out yet.)
5. Magazine Subscriptions (Real Simple, Simple Scrapbooks)

I know there are more things; I'm sure there are more things. Just can't think of them right now.

What's on your Christmas list?


shelley said...

nothing like big ticket items i can't afford:
new sofa
new floor for my teeny tiny kitchen
scrappy supplies - LOTS OF THEM!
window dressings for entire house...

in a dream!
happy tuesdays!

Liz said...

Barb, you need to do what I did this year. I relocated the birthday to timing more convenient for me. It's our birthday, whu shouldn't we celebrate it when we want to?

Funky Finds said...

a good digi camera & the entire sex & the city collection!

B said...

My mom wore Amazing Grace and the Origins ginger perfume - both delicious smelling. You have good taste!

a better digital camera
a family vacation
a new car (not that I expect someone to buy me one, but I'd like to get it as my present to myself)
a date

Roni aka:Beedee said...

Christmas in July...mmm...my birthday is in July too!
1. new clothes
2. better digi camera
3. chair for bedroom
4. jewelry