Friday, June 15, 2007

What are you wearing?

"If you are all wrapped up in yourself, you are overdressed."
-----Kate Halverson

My parents, mostly my mom, always forced me to be a volunteer. When I was in first and second grade I went to a nursing home every week. My great-uncle's VFW post and auxiliary ran BINGO there. In middle school I volunteered at a cafe at a hospital. In high school I volunteered with the children's theatre and an AIDS awareness organization. In college, I had a "Little Sister" through Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

I'll admit it--I don't volunteer anymore. I'm involved really heavily in a professional organization, which is volunteer-work. But, I don't really feel like it's volunteer work that directly serves or helps others. I help my friends and family whenever they need it, but that doesn't really count as volunteer work, either.

It's something that is missing in my life right now.

P.S. I need to admit that I stole this quote from Real Simple. I get a Daily Thought email from them (you can sign up on their website).


Latharia said...

All righty -- I'm off to blog about this quote!

Liz said...

When did helping others stop counting as volunteer work? By the time I'm done, helping my friends, family and neighbors, i don't have time for anything else.