Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday: Personal Assistant

Your job is to focus on my personal happiness, she said, & I've got big plans, so break time is over.
---Brian Andres, Storypeople

I wonder--especially on Mondays--what it might be like to have a personal assistant. Someone whose job it would be do to all the things I don't like about my life:
  • paying bills
  • grocery shopping
  • scheduling appointments
  • cleaning the house
  • choosing an outfit
  • handling correspondence (RSVPing to parties, etc.)
  • taking the dog to the vet
What tasks would you assign to your personal assistant?


Greta said...

my personal assistant would
1. grocery shop
2. clean my house daily (to my standards) =)
3. iron
4. cook

hmmm....i need a maid...not a personal assitant...but if she would rather be called a personal asst. i guess that is ok too....lmao

Liz said...

Ever notice that our husbans don't complain about this? We don't need assistants, we need wives.

B said...

putting away laundry
grading papers
paying bills
be in charge of my calendar
find me a date :)

christie said...

I used to be exactly this kind of personal assistant! LOL! I made $9/hr doing that stuff. I would really want $10-12 now. If you wanna pay me, I'm there. LOL.