Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Trendy Tuesday - Mom's Home Cooking

Lately I have been in a cooking mode. Trying new recipes, being adventurous but throwing in a few old standbys for good measure.

"My mother didn't really cook. But she did make key lime pie, until the day the top of the evaporated milk container accidentally ended up in the pie and she decided cooking took too much concentration."William Norwich

Is your mom a good cook? Did she pass along these skills to you? Tell me about your biggest cooking flop or success!


Rebecca said...

Out from lurking. I absolutly LOVE this blog. Thanks for all the motivation, and inspiration. Here is a link to my blog, talking about todays topic!
Thanks again,

Liz said...

No, my mom was a horrible cook. She once dumped an entire bottle of garlic powder in an already shaky casserole and then made us eat the entire thing. It took a week, and that was with the help of my brother the human garbage can.

MY biggest diaster was a frozen custard where I didn't dissolve the gelatin properly so we ended up with gelatin chunks. My dinner guests ate it like champs!

Greta said...

my mother is an excellent cook and my dad to..i guess i should have paid more attention because i can cook a little but i hate to cook.

one time i decided i was going to make mashed potatoes (from scratch no box stuff) and i didn't have milk so i said oh okay i'll use evaporated milk..right...ok well i didn't know that evaporated milk and sweeted condense milk wasn't the same thing and i used a can of sweetened condesed milk...yep sure did...needless to say i am not allowed to make "homemade" mashed potatoes.

Barb said...

Love this topic, Ang.

My biggest cooking disaster was a garlic, lemon crock pot chicken dish that I saw on Food Network. It was shortly after Brad and I moved in together. It was so terrible that we had to throw it away and go out to dinner.

As for my mom, she's a great cook! Not fancy or pretentious. Just simple ingredients and plenty of food.

B said...

My mom was an amazing cook. Good with a recipe; better when she "tweaked" it and made it uniquely hers! Delicious food, always! However, she could not bake.

I must be lacking the same baking genes because when I was ten I decided to make a tart. Instead of 2 tbls. of cornstarch I added about 2 cups. It was literally like silly putty. Not one bite of it was eaten.

Roni Hunt said...

My mom was NOT a cook. Anything good we ate came from Dad's (he's Italian) cooking. He taught us all how to cook. My mom made a killer mac and cheese though. That was the extent of her cooking.My biggest cooking flop was brick biscuts. You could have built a house with them...hurricane proof to boot. My funniest cooking was after DH and I were married I made 5 pounds of potatoes (mashed) for dinner. That's what we used for our family of 10, so I just cooked them all. I love cooking, cook all the time, and share this love with my grandchildren, who now love to cook up a storm!!!