Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Life List

My grandpa turns 75 today. I told him about this blog right after we started. I was amazed to hear that he used to do something similar for his colleagues! He chose a quote each day and wrote it on the chalkboard at the air-traffic control tower where he worked. He knows he has the quotes all written down somewhere and is trying to find them somewhere amongst 75 years of memories.

My grandpa is very fortunate. He is healthy and is always surrounded by his five children, 10 grandchildren, or countless friends. My biggest worry about getting older is not my health or my finances. I would hate to be 75 and filled with regrets. I don't want to be in the last phase of my life and have to think about all the things I never made time to do or all the dreams I never went after.

Today, I challenge you to make a life list--a list of things you hope to do throughout your life. Share a few in the comments. It's been awhile since I sent a RAK.

Here are a few highlights from my list.
1. Be on a game show
2. Visit NYC
3. Earn a Ph.D.
4. Grow vegetables
5. Stomp on grapes to make wine


Funky Finds said...

i truly want to work at a magazine again at some point in my life. and go to europe. and drive across the country exploring all the states.

angieoh! said...

Great topic today Barb. I am going to post on my blog!

Roni Hunt said...

1. complete a quilt for each family member.
2. get exercising for better health
3. finish college degree
4. meet birth mother/family
5. keep the love of all my family

Latharia said...

I gotta tell you, this one is hard for me. I made out a very long list very early in life -- and I have accomplished everything I set out to do. Right now, I am just thoroughly enjoying every moment I can!

Di Hickman said...

I started a list a while ago after seeing an album on 2peas called 100 things to do before I die. The creator was undergoing kindey transplant (close to my heart with kindey problems myself) so I decided to write my list.
A few on mine
1 celebrate 10 year anniversary with Bob
2 get our greencard
3 visit all the states in america
4 choose a career I love
5 run a marathon

each thing acheived, I plan on making a scrapbook page about for the album. So fun and celebrates all the acheivements

Greta said...

1. build my dream house
2. earn a degree
3. travel the states
4. visit canada
5. be on Wheel of fortune..

lol i am good at it at home..i will get up there and freeze..i just know it

Stephanie said...

I have a grandmother turning 90 this year...amazing that they remember so much, since I can't remember what I had for breaksfast lol!
Here is a short list of mine:
1. Move back to my childhood home town
2. Watch my children start their own lives and be happy and successful. Whatever that means for them.
3. Spend as much time as I want in CT and NY researching family history.
4. Go to Ireland and Australia.

Barb said...

Everyone is totally inspiring me.

Love Roni's idea about making quilts.
Love Greta's idea about building my dream house.
Love the idea for the mini-album, too.

I might need to add a few years to my life expectancy to get all this done!

B said...

1. get my masters
2. travel to Europe
3. research my family tree with my dad
4. see my brother graduate from medical school
5. attend a taping of Oprah
6. drive across the country with my brother
7. get married / have kids
8. own my own home
9. do my part to make myself, my family, and my friends happy
10. find a career that is satisfying and worthwhile
11. pay off my student loans

CB-be-ME said...

I would love to one day actually finish nursing school and become a pediatric nurse! See my daughters get married! Become a grandmother (not for a long long long time!!! LOL)Spend some time in Italy with my husband and girls!!!

Colleen said...

These are very inspiring! So many things to do!! I few on my list would be...
1. travel in Europe and Australia
2. take a cruise
3. remind myself daily of the little things that I'm grateful for
4. get in better shape and set a good example of an active lifestyle for my boys
5. enjoy watching my boys grow and chose their own paths in life