Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Trendy Tuesday April 4, 2007

Good morning gang! The weather here is gloomy and rainy - trying to prevent my attitude from being the same way.

Since I could use a few laughs, today's Trendy Tuesday is to journal, comment, scrap your WORST date ever. We want DETAILS! If we get at least 25 entries, I will send the winning comment a date RAK. That way, you can replace your bad dating memories, with good ones!!!!

Fess up!


Funky Finds said...

My one & only attempt at meeting someone through Match.com was a disaster. The guy insisted we go to this Italian restaurant for a desert he loves. We get there & he says he just ate fajitas at his aunt's so he's not hungry. I hadn't eaten all day, so I went ahead & ordered. He got sprite with NO ice & the entire meal his straw was popping out of the glass. Even the waitress commented on it! We went to Starbucks after to chat & he orders this huge sweet treat. He proceeds to tell me how he used to be severely overweight & once he lost all of it he had excess skin that he had to tuck into his pants. Then he said he decided to get a tummy tuck. Afterwards I told him I'd call him, and then he calls my cell phone asking if I want to hang out some more that night!? It was comical.

Maggie said...

Wow I've only dated 2 men and I married both.
I will have to say the worst date was our first.
we had gone to HOB for dinner, and a concert and the waiter had a problem with us being interracial and refused to serve us.
We had to call mgmt to get someone to serve us.
While he insisted on going somewhere else, but I told him if we do that every time, they will coninue this pattern of behavior.
So he stuck it out needless to say the food was awful and we never went back to House of BLues ever again.
I did complain to the ceo and did not received any replies from them.

Yeah that first date was bad thru no fault of our own just our skin colour.

Colleen said...

Well, guess my worst date ever would eb the guy sho I met online after chatting for a while. He seemed very nice when we first met, but shortly into our conversation he blurts out that he has a foot fetish and starts asking me a million questions about my feet and asking if he can see them - in the coffee shop!! Ummm...let me think...NO! I mean each to their own and everything, but he kept asking and asking and I finally just had to tell him I wasn't interested and left. Good thing it was only coffee!! Yikes!

shelley said...

I was 19 and lonely. desperate if you will. my brother suggested looking in the personal ads.. this was before the internet.. GADS! what did we DO before that??? so i did. i called one. we hit it off GREAT on the phone.. he was charming, witty, "sounded" cute...i agree to meet him for a date. we go to the mall, since we could do dinner and a movie there. there are FIVE sit down, nice restaurants in our mall. he takes me to the FOOD COURT!!! to a HOT DOG STAND!!! i ordered a Coney, fried, and a soda... he siad.. would you mind just getting water? I think soda is wickedly over priced in restaurants. i about fainted.. i mean, are YA KIDDIN ME??? so i oblige this freak of nature, who is turning out to be not so witty. we sit, IN THE FOOD COURT, to eat dinner. suddenly, i begin to develop a "stomach ache" and tell him i've got to go home. he tells me he'll call me. and he did.. stalked me on the phone.. finally, it got SO out of hand, my brother told him.. LOOK! she moved, we have no idea where she is or what happened to her.. now quit calling here!!!" i NEVER EVER called another ad or did any online dating.. EVer!!!

Stephanie said...

My worst date ever was a guy that I got set up with by a friend. Some friend she turned out to be! I am 5'3" and this guy was at least 6'5"..And not very nice looking either. I could get past the looks easily if he was nice, but sadly that wasn't the case. He was rude, burping at the table in Olive Garden, so loud that everyone looked at us.
Then he took me home and thought he was going to get a kiss...NOT likely. Needless to say we never saw each other again.

Barb said...

My first date with my husband involved waders and trout and a tent.

But, really, it wasn't that bad.

Latharia said...

LOL...I may need to collect these for an expansion pack for my company's game "Boy Meets Girl: A Tragedy"!!!

Greta said...

I am sad to report I really haven't had a worse date....I had some that I wasn't interested in but none of them were bad...the rest of these ladies have me beat...lol

Karen Walker said...

The worst date I ever had was the first date I had after I moved to Cincinnati to go to graduate school. A guy in my apartment building asked me out. We'd talked quite a bit, seemed like a nice guy. We went to the drive-in and saw not one, not two, but three Clint Eastwood movies. After the first half of the first movie, I knew this guy was not for me! Longest date I ever had--and I've never felt any affection for Clint Eastwood since then either!

Roni Hunt said...

Okay, i've been married for 33 years, but before meeting my husband (no worst dates with him) my worst date was something i didn't even know was a date. i thought we were going to the library to study for our anthropology test only. the boy picked me up in his dad's car and first we went to dinner - not like a college-kids place to eat, but somewhere that had early-bird specials and a lot of old people around. he just started and at me. i'm sure he was just shy. now - i don't think i'm breath-taking, but obviously he did by staring and hanging on my every work. yuck! i remember thinking - will this ever end...i can talk up a blue streak and kept yapping until we finally went to the library to study. i can recall thinking this kid was nuts if he thought i would go 'out' again. but i did get an 'A' in the class. it was horrid but if i have to find a worst date that would be it.