Friday, April 6, 2007

"Declare today 'sacred time'--off-limits to everyone, unless invited by you. Take care of your personal wants and needs. Say no, graciously but firmly to others' demands."
-----Oprah Winfrey

I do realize that in theory I do not have to work between June and August. But, that never turns out to be true; I always have teacher-related things to do for most of the summer. So, the days that I have off whether in the summer or during the school year are pretty precious. Especially, the days I have off that I don't have any plans.

Today happens to be one of those days, folks.
A day off that is completely and totally all about Babs!


B said...

Amen, sister! The summers are not really a teacher's own, are they? I get so tired of hearing people say stuff about the summer.

I do find it hard to say no to people when I just want time for myself. It seems to be easier to tell my family I just want to be alone and have some time than it is to tell my friends.

monica said...

I'll take it! I have no one here to bother me so I'm doing nothing but what I want to do. :)