Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Trendy Tuesday 3/6/07 -- I Must Admit

Well ladies, pull up a chair to today's coffee hour. I am a Chai Latte girl myself, how about you? Today's trendy Tuesday topic ... admit something!

Here are a few of mine -
  • I am not a pet person. With a few exceptions (Barb's dog, Memphis) I do not really want a pet or to play with others pets. This doesn't mean I hate animals - I really don't, just don't want any myself!
  • I hate watching movies more than once. There are very few movies that I have seen over and over - Top Gun, Legally Blonde, Braveheart. I also hate watching tv show reruns.
  • I do not crave sweets - candy, chocolate... much more of a salts girl!

What about you?


Latharia said...

THAT was a challenge! On top of my recent "I must confess..." album, I also just did a "list 50 positive adjectives about yourself" project -- I am all self-reflected out! LOL!

Funky Finds said...

birds scare me to death!

Barb said...

I don't eat lunch meat. It reminds me way too much of human flesh.

Greta said...

okay well...let's see
1. I do not drink coffee. there is some exceptions ..i will drink folgers french vanilla or my home made chai..which is so freaking yummy...i put mine in warm milk...i will send you 2 girls some!!

2. I hate milk...except for chai in it :)

3. I too do not like sweets..give me salsa and tostitos any day of the week

4. I am obessed with cleaning..i think i have OCD when it comes to that..
5. My kids HAVE to wear pj's to bed or I can't sleep...my mother made me that way...and i said i would never be like her...hmpf!!!

PaperMonster said...

1. I LOVE COFFEE. I could live off of it. The older I get the bolder I like it.
2. I will NOT eat left overs...GROSS! Yet my husband will eat anything that doesn't eat him first.
3. When I'm depressed I clean bathrooms, but that is the only time.
4. I freak if someone else does my laundry.

emily said...

I don't drink tea or coffee.
I don't drink anything fizzy, no cola, champagne, nothing - I hate the bubbles!
I don't like sweets, but love chocolate.
I love to bake when I'm feeling down, really soothes me.

Georgia said...

Posted my comments. But I realized I'm sounding a little obsessed!!!

suebee said...

I am way too obsessed with scrapbooking(can you be?). It consumes me.

Barb said...

Most of my weird quirks are food related. . . .

I love chicken (only boneless, skinless chicken breast) but refuse to eat it reheated. It tastes different.

Stephanie Homburg said...

I *cannot* cut up a whole chicken. It makes me sick to my stomach.

When I'm driving on 41 every morning I always wind up driving next to a big trailer full of cows and it makes me cry.

In fact, I'm pretty sure if I grew up on a farm I'd be a vegetarian.