Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday: 3/15/07

“Life Machine: This is a machine that takes your life and does all the hard parts and leaves you all the parts you enjoy and almost everyone discovers they’re not the parts you’d think they were at first glance.”

-Story People / Brian Andreas

Keep track today. How many parts of your day do you allow yourself to enjoy? That's my goal for today. Enjoy.


Greta said...

as i sit here at work i can say i am enjoying only about 1/4 of 5 i enjoy 3/4 of it...espeially when i am scrapping

Latharia said...

I've had a long week ... so I am running a bit behind, but I will try to catch up over the weekend! :) I enjoy most of my life -- but lots of it is busy-happy right now, so still a bit crazy-making!