Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Month = New Start

If you want anything to actually change or to move ahead in your life you actually have to do it yourself, you can’t sit there and wait for somebody to talk about what you might want. . . you should actually keep dreams and desires inside and let them burn a little bit, and then they might come true.

-Russell Crowe

How is your year going so far? If you made resolutions are you sticking to them?

I can't remember what my resolutions were (not a good sign). But, I do remember my word for 2007 is balance. Not doing so well with that. I'm not working too much, but work is weighing far too heavily on my mind. I started out journaling about every Fancy Simple quote to gain some perspective on my daily life. That lasted until about the end of January. Then I just started writing the quote down. That lasted until about the middle of February. Now, I'm not doing anything besides posting. I need to get back to writing.

I'm glad to have a fresh start in a new month.


Latharia said...

LOVE this quote!!!! :) I posted to my blog!!

*Paula* said...

Great quote for the start of the month! I needed that!

Kerry said...

Back from my blogging break. Posted to my blog.