Saturday, February 3, 2007

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

My dad turned 50 yesterday.

When I was a kid, he always came home on his lunch break to watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood with us. I believe he'd tell you his favorite episode is the one where Mr. Rogers went on a field trip to the crayon factory. His obsession even carried over in to his fashion sense--he wore sweaters, shirts, and shoes just like Mr. Rogers for a very long time.

I thought a quote from good ol' Fred was just perfect for today.

The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self.

-Fred Rogers

My dad excels at honesty. He is a tell-it-how-it-is kind of man.

P.S. Send warm thoughts our way. It is going to be more than 20 below zero tonight with the wind chill where Ang and I live.


Latharia said...

I'm not too far south of you, so we're expecting similar temperatures, but I don't mind. I'll send warm thoughts your way. :)

I'll blog about the quote later today, too!

em said...

Aww...I LOVE the crayon factory one. Crazy how we can remember that stuff! Sending warm thoughts your way!!!!!! My mom said it was -14 at their house yesterday morning!!

Rebecca said...

Wow, your dad is young! Hope that you are staying warm today!

Georgia said...

Posted something I read in a newspaper article.