Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Be My Valentine? 2/14/07

Are you a Valentines kinda person? Are you a romantic? I figured today would have to be a lovey dovey kind of quote day. My favorite love quote?

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an oridnary life, love gives us a fairy tale -- unkown

I kinda like this because I think it describes my life! The sweetest thing in my life is the everyday - not the big and sweet - but the little things. My husband who knows that I love diet cherry coke, movie theater popcorn, and football Sundays that is the romance in my life! I like the quiet and not obvious. What about you?


Georgia said...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. Post comments on my blog.

Greta said...

heck no...i hate v-day....i think it is's funny you post this because i have my draft saved for today to post on my blog.

Latharia said...

Romance LIVES! Unlike Greta, I LOVE Valentine's Day ... and try to preserve a little of it all year long! :)