Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day 31: 1/31/07

First, some important business to take care of. I forgot to announce the RAK winner from last Tuesday's Trendy Tuesday. The lucky girl is . . . . Tamara! Send me your address (

I am very little inclined on any occasion to say anything unless I hope to produce some good by it.

-Abraham Lincoln

If you've spent even 20 minutes with me, you might be amazed at some of the things that come out of my mouth. I'm not always the most tactful person, and sometimes the tactless things I say might be, um, kind of on the mean side. But, good ol' Abe Lincoln doesn't say I can't say mean things. I just says that I have to "hope to produce some good by it." Mean comments are okay, as long as they're said with good intentions.

(devious laughter)


Greta said...

i am not at all sophicticated about the things i say either...if i am thinking it by damn i speak it!! I know exactly what you are talking about

Georgia said...

Posted my thoughts.

Latharia said...

LOL!!! Will post my thoughts on my blog momentarily.

And congrats to Tamara!