Monday, January 22, 2007

1/22/07 - Monday Ambitions

Good morning! On this Monday morning are you resolving to get back on track? Maybe you were not so good to your resolutions this weekend, maybe you are trying to focus on what lies before you. Today's quote is about pushing your self - and your goals.

"My ambition is not to just be a good fighter, I want to be something special"
-- Sugar Ray Leonard

Also - thanks to all of you who photographed your winter gear - some cuties out there for sure! I randomly picked from those of you who posted - congratulations LATHARIA! Please email us a your address so I can mail you off your goodies.

Gear up for tomorrow's Trendy Tuesday...should be fun!


Latharia said...

Thank you so much for the prize! I have emailed you!

I'll give thought to today's quote and post on my blog!

Latharia said...

Thank you for the LOVELY journal! I will have to post it to my blog so everyone can see!